Raw Amethyst Druzy Shark Tooth Crystal Pendant In Sterling Silver-you choose

Raw Amethyst Druzy Shark Tooth Crystal Pendant In Sterling Silver-you choose

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This listing is beautiful amethyst cluster in 925 Sterling silver pendant in Shark Tooth shape.This is amethyst cluster from uruguay. You'll get one pendant from the lot.Please scroll to the last pic for size details.Amethyst druzy occurs in slightly varying colors but colors of these druzies are natural not irradiated.

What is Sterling Silver?
Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5 copper.Copper in it sometimes reacts with atmosphere and gives green tarnish.Washing with mild soap and water also midl scrub should remove The tarnish

AMETHYST AND ITS HEALING PROPERTIES: Amethyst is associated with and works well on the most devious chakra of our entire kundalini. Sahasrara chakra as we mentioned in other blogs its is related to pure consciousness of all other chakras. When we can perk the consciousness of our entire chakra system to this point that is when you can attain the state of mental bliss (Nirvikalpa Samadhi).
Majority of amethysts are rich violet stones, the color of success and positive changes. So, it is believed to help tackle the upcoming changes in life and career, it helps transform all the energy into positive vibes. Amethyst is also the stone of healing, cleansing and transformation. It also helps overcome addictions and thus help achieve success.
Amethyst is considered to be the best stone in enhancing the quality of sleep and also overcome insomnia, it works very well for spiritual wellbeing. Amethyst can also be used by people who have long term neck pains, back pains, tooth aches, sleeping disorders, psychic disorders, lack of clarity, lack of confidence and people who are striving for success and wisdom.

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