Rare Blue Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere 8 - 64mm

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Blue Rose Quartz is very unique gemstone mined in Madagascar .
Size is 64mm in diameter and weighs 400 grams
Blue Rose Quartz has a grey color and it is a new found crystal from Madagascar. Blue Rose Quartz is a rare variety of rose quartz and brings unconditional love.It also helps you ascend quickly into spiritual abilities .

Crystal spheres are used as powerful tools that emit harmony and positivity. The round shape allows the energy to radiate in all directions at once, sphere are great tool for setting intentions, meditating, visualising and healing.

Within the sacred realms of spirituality, the blue rose quartz emerges as a profound symbol, embodying various vital facets of inner awakening and connection:

1. Serenity Within: Revered as a stone of tranquil stillness, the blue rose quartz beckons individuals to seek profound inner peace. It invites them to explore the depths of their consciousness, where serenity and calmness reside.

2. Gateway to the Divine: With its mystical allure, this gemstone is believed to serve as a conduit to the spiritual realm, empowering seekers to forge a potent bond with higher dimensions. It inspires them to embrace their intuitive gifts and unlock the doors to expanded awareness.

3. Embracing Emotional Freedom: As an agent of emotional release, blue rose quartz offers solace to those burdened by emotional wounds. By gently dissolving emotional barriers, it fosters healing and enables individuals to embrace newfound emotional freedom.

4. A Symphony of Harmony: Radiating gentle energies, blue rose quartz weaves harmony throughout the triad of mind, body, and spirit. Through this intricate alignment, it bestows a sense of holistic well-being, uniting the essential aspects of one's being into a harmonious symphony.