One Brass Urli

One Brass Urli

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This is a lovely brass with Meenakari stone work altar.

Intricate stone work with stones as well as elephant carving on three legs of this stand and bells adorning the seat .

This lovely brass altar would be great addition in any home or shrine .


Uruli is simply a bowl which is generally placed at home by filling water in it. Uruli is available in a lot of materials, though brass is the most preferred one.

Water generally denotes wealth and so water element should flow inwards as it represents wealth flow. Therefore, an Uruli filled with water covered by flowers or lemon placed facing the main door is regarded auspicious. 

 place your Uruli in entrance area or on center table to enhance peace of mind at home.

Size given below 10” deep and 10” wide.

These are sourced from Aligarh , India from an woman owned business

Brass handicraft is a cottage industry with no use of machines also brass idols are handmade, backbone of Aligarh’s economy. There are about 400 to 500 small units engaged in making brass idols they use.