One (1) Pegamatite Crystal Point

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This listing is for one piece of pegamatite or unicorn stone point of size 3 inches .One points will be sent on order and will be selected randomly from lot.

Unicorn Stone is a unique mixture of Pink Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Smoky Quartz, and Clevelandite.

Lepidolite– naturally Calming stone with Lithium that reduces anxiety& fear

Pink Tourmaline– Helps with development empathy , and heals emotional trauma.
Also stone of self love .

Smokey Quartz– Stone of protection and grounding .
Smokey Quartz is a natural filter for dense, scary, or negatively perceived energy.

Clevelandite– Helps us through challenging circumstances. Guides through turbulent times. Helps us to remain positive during difficult situations.