Crystals For Love

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Stones gives vibrations love and security .You’ll also receive a wooden slab with the set

Rose quartz -attracting love and boosting feeling of self love

Pink calcite healing — emotional wounds and traumas of the past and Helps to clear out any negative impact on you self worth.

Moonstone is stone of calmness and helps eliminate any misunderstanding between couples and also helps to understand your partner

Pink tourmaline this stone radiates unconditional love and also is a stone for everlasting friendship.Friendship is cornerstone for ever lasting love.

Lepidolite is a stone to structure our thoughts and patterns . It also helps us remove abusive patterns . It heightens awareness and makes us committed to make good choices

How To Use::

Visualize your emotions and how you feel when will be with your ideal love

Close your eyes.

Hold these crystals one at a time or together .

Chant your affirmations for that perfect live in your life .