Blue Rose Quartz Palmstones - One

Blue Rose Quartz Palmstones - One

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Blue Rose Quartz is very unique gemstone mined in Madagascar .
You’ll receive one Palmstone on order

All of the features of Rose Quartz may be found in Blue Rose Quartz, which is an extremely rare variant of Rose Quartz. The stone symbolizes undying love. It eases tension in the heart and calms emotions. Blue Rose Quartz is a powerful stone for balancing the mind and the heart and emotions and intellect. It is a "holy union" stone because it resembles the merger of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. As a spiritual and intuitive tool, it helps you connect more profoundly to your spiritual self and the Divine through meditation, which is also beneficial. Unconditional love can be found in Blue Rose Quartz, a rare kind of rose quartz that helps alleviate feelings of stress or tension in a relationship. Boosts self-esteem, creativity, and motivation by enhancing the Heart Chakra. In the past, crystal spheres have been employed as effective tools for transmitting harmony and positivity because they represent the purest form of expression for the concepts of oneness, integrity, and completion. Intention-setting, meditation, visualization, and healing with sphere crystals are all made easier because of the stones' spherical form.

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Blue Rose Quartz has a grey color and it is a new found crystal from Madagascar. Blue Rose Quartz is a rare variety of rose quartz and brings unconditional love.

Please note that color varies from
Blue to grey naturally in this stone . It sometimes occurs in lavender as well

Crystal Palmstone are used as great tool for mediatation and healing.