One(1) Shungite  Rectangular or Round Cellphone Plate

One(1) Shungite Rectangular or Round Cellphone Plate

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List for one rectangle or round Shungite cell phone plate or sticker .You can read about shungite in our blog here

Size rectangle is 25mm x 15 mm

Size round 20 mm diameter 

Attach the plate to the back of your cellphone.

Benefits Of Shungite

Shungite is one of the oldest rock on planet Earth, whose age is more than 2 billion years. The mineral is something between graphite crystals and anthracite coal.
Fullerenes: living particles
It was found in late 20th century that the mineral shungite contains fullerenes. This discovery belongs to a group of American-British scientists who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1985. Many leading world scientific centers during their own studies confirmed the connection of the unique healing properties of the shungite mineral with the presence of fullerenes in its composition.
Fullerenes is known to affect the whole system of a living organism immediately at the cellular level.
Products from shungite restores the energy balance of the human biofield increases and improves the aura. Shungite normalizes the work of many body systems.

Another Useful properties of shungite are due to its high ability to absorb from the environment harmful substances, it can be used as a wonderful water filter. A useful stone has a bactericidal effect, readily forms compounds with other substances. Its use is shown to protect against the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields of household appliances, including mobile phones, as well as when visiting geopathic zones.

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