Crystals for Grief of Child

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Experiencing the loss of a child is an incredibly heart-wrenching ordeal. During this profoundly challenging time, turning to the compassionate energies of crystals like Angelite, Pink Tourmaline, and Blue Lace Agate can offer much-needed support and comfort.

Angelite bestows a profound sense of peace and connection with angelic realms, bringing spiritual guidance and healing to soothe the soul.

Pink Tourmaline, known as the "Stone of Emotional Healing," gently alleviates heartache and encourages self-compassion.

Meanwhile, Blue Lace Agate, the steadfast "Stone of Courage," empowers one to express emotions and discover inner strength amid the waves of grief. Together, these tender-hearted crystals become steadfast companions on the journey of healing, offering solace and courage as you navigate through the unimaginable loss of a child.

You'll get three tumbles with a wood slice for display on order.