One 25mm -30mm Trolleite Sphere

One 25mm -30mm Trolleite Sphere

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A listing for single faceted mini trolleite sphere of approximate size 25 - 30mm. One sphere will be intuitively selected .

This troillete stone from Brazil.Troillete is mixture of quartz & lazulite . The lapidary where this stone is polished is owned by a family of one sister and two brothers in Brazil .They mine as well as polish these stone along with few other stones found in Brazil.

How Do Healing Crystals And Stones Work?

The crystals emit certain frequencies of the minerals which compose them. Crystals are made of the following minerals,beryllium,calciumcarbon,copper,fluorine,hydrogen,iron,manganese,oxygen,potassium,phosphorous,sulphur,sodium,soilicon,tin,zirconium,zinc and othersThis compound nature of crystals is almost similar to the chemicals found in human body. The crystals electromagnetic field influences the environment in a quiet way. They emit electromagnetic energy which impacts the electrochemical nature of the human body.

Best way to use crystals would be wearing it on body.Joints in human body ae naturally the most active parts of the body where network of nerve fibers and lymphatic fluid are concentrated. The crystal energy will be well absorbed when worn on joints and disturbed across the human body.

These are made of natural stones and handmade so its natural all sets are not uniform in color and sizes but they'll mostly as shown in the picture above.