Everything About Lunar Magic & Lunar Rituals

What Are Moon Rituals? 


Originated in Babylonia and Egypt regions where cultures worship the moon, moon rituals are still in practice. They are known to help you set intentions, feel encouraged, spread love, and create a sacred space for you to align focus. Although Moon rituals are widely used in self-care, you should be reflective to understand your goals and objectives.

Despite the moon having eight different phases, magic revolves around only the new and full moon phases. During the new moon phase, the sun and moon's masculine energy gets connected, which is considered the best time for a positive change. But while full moon phase, the moon is completely feminine, which associates to intuition and nourishment.

Therefore, this is the best time for personal insight and creativity.

Moon Phases

The phases of the Moon involves the three most important celestial bodies: The sun, Earth, and Moon. Earth completes a 360-degree rotation every 24 hours, and it also orbits around the sun. The Moon orbits Earth on its path, making a full cycle about every 29 and 1/2 days.


The Moon moves in rhythmic cycles, mirroring that of our body. It also reflects the harvest and growth of crops, plants, and trees. The Moon is the closest astronomical body to the Earth, and hence it has a very strong influence on us. Gravity between Earth and Moon causes tidal pull in the Earth's ocean. Over time, this tidal friction caused by the Moon slows down the Earth's rotation making the days 24 hours long.

Else, they are 6-8 days long and around 1,000 days in a year. The Moon also causes lunar and solar eclipses. Additionally, the external force of the Moon stabilizes Earth’s 23.5-degree axial tilt, preventing any sort of catastrophic shifts.

Lunar Phases

The eight phases of the moon constitute the complete lunar phase.

These phases also reflect the Moon-Sun relationship. Although practically, the moon doesn't change on its own, it reflects sunlight. The entire Lunar phase is about 29 and 1/2 days. It begins with New Moon, when the Sun and Moon come together, peaks with Full Moon when they oppose each other, and ends just before they come back to position, also known as the dying moon Or waning crescent.

Moon Phases And Their Significance

New Moon 

  • It is the beginning of waxing phase
  • This is the time where you should initiate new ideas, new projects and everything of that sort It is considered to be the best time to set intentions and take action
  • Work with labradorite, black moonstone, iolite, tektite, obsidian, and clear quartz crystals

Waxing Moon

  • The moon starts to grow brighter Initiations in new moon can take shape this time
  • It reflects commitments, determination, and effort
  • Work with rainbow moonstone, and emerald

First Quarter Significance

  • While this phase, let your plans and intentions unfold
  • This indicates a never stopping and pushing your limits attitude
  • This cycle demands a full-hearted effort Work with jet, onyx, and lapis lazuli

Waxing Gibbous

  • In this phase the moon is almost fully grown This phase can be a bit stressful but you should not lose focus
  • Make adjustments, re-work, and get going Work with fluorite, carnelian, and citrine

Full Moon

  • This is the time you see the moon full of radiance
  • It translates to accomplishment and fulfillment
  • Express gratitude towards the universe Work with moonstone, selenite, and quartz

Waning Gibbous

  • This phase is also known as “disseminating”. It translates to the significance of sharing results of the work which you did
  • This is the times you should take responsibility Express gratitude towards your ancestors and elders. Ask for their guidance
  • Work with calcite, angelite, and unakite jasper

Last Quarter

  • It reflects to introspection: Who we are? Why are we here? What we've created in the world? This is the time we surrender to be reborn
  • It has a lot of potential for prophecy and vision Work with rose quartz and sodalite

Waning Crescent

  • This is the end of entire cycle
  • This time it is better to let go what's not needed Remember if it is emptiness, it will eventually fulfill
  • Discover the existence of new truths
  • Work with black tourmaline, petalite, and obsidian.

Rituals For Moon Magic

Moon rituals can be carried out for multiple purposes. For new beginnings, cleansing, prophecy, etc. 

Moon rituals can be carried out for multiple purposes. For new beginnings, cleansing, prophecy, etc. Setting intentions and manifesting them can help you in various circumstances. Like other spell works and rituals, you must set preferences and understand your end goal with this moon ritual. The moon magic can help you attain clarity and progress in life. In the beginning, I found it easier to focus on one intention at a time. You can make use of corresponding crystals, herbs, and all sorts of divination tools.

New Moon Bath Rituals


  • This is considered to be the most soothing moon-themed ritual.  You can also use candles, lights, music to make it more worthwhile. As always, set intentions before beginning the ritual.
  • Your focus can be anything: Money, relationship, business, etc. Tailor your ingredients based on your purpose.
  • For money you can use crystal-like citrine followed by an abundance-boosting essential oil blend of bergamot, cinnamon, and patchouli.
  • To help alleviate depression/anxiety,  use sage essential oils with black tourmaline, lepidolite, and blue lace agate crystals.

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