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Listing is for single ruby fuchsite point as shown in the pictures.

::::::::::::::::::Ruby in Fuchsite ::::::::::::::::

Ruby is mixed with other minerals too. Ruby in Fuchsite, Ruby in feldspar , ruby in kyanite and ruby in ziosite

Ruby in Fuchsite which is a combination of the Ruby and a beautiful green Fuchsite which makes it a perfect choice for the Heart Chakra. You get wonderful benefits of the Ruby in addition to the healing energies of the green fuchsite.

♥️Ruby is the gemstone of love.Ruby generates liveliness and spark in human nature and increase their charisma
♥️It casts away despair and gloominess of character.
♥️Ruby is effective in safeguarding a person from evil spirits.
♥️Wearing or holding ruby for a while can also help increase understanding in couple .

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This Listing is for same piece as shown in the pic

Materials: ruby,fuchsite

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