Premium Heavy Jade Roller

Premium Heavy Jade Roller

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This Jade roller is heavier,bigger and covers more area and also because of the heaviness  it gives a deeper tissue massage and gives a overall spa feel.

Gently sweep the China Jade Roller gently across your skin to calm and awaken the facial tissues. This is a natural alternative to Botox and helps to keep skin supple, reduces wrinkles(anti aging), and restores a youth­ful appearance for both men or women. With double-ended rollers, you can cover both broad and fine-detail areas effectively. Not just for beauty, you can also benefit from the cooling jade on eyes and temples as it eases headaches and stress.

This one comes in a beautiful box and a bag.Makes a wonderful gift

Comes in a box  and  with an instruction card.

Every Jade Roller is handmade and fragile.
Things to remember while using

1.Handle is attached to roller using glue.Incase it gets separated please use strong glue to hold it back together

2.Its made of Jade crystal so when dropped down from considerable length it might develop cracks.

3. Do not place heavy objects on this roller. It’ll damage the roller.

We take utmost care that this roller reaches to you in good condition by packaging it securely.